I was born in France, 1982. The thing with diving is that I felt in when I was a little boy. I grew up in an environment of divers! My grand parents were already diving in the 60s with a member of “La Calypso” in Nice in the south of France and initiated my father soon enough.

So I did my first dives when I was only 5 years old (1987), and I carried my first small diving tank when I was 8 years old. I was interested in photography very quickly because I wanted to show my friends what we could see under the water and how beautiful the dives can be. My parents lived in Normandy and so I started my wanderings on the wrecks of the Normandy landings, where the visibility is poor and where the tides are to be taken into consideration if we do not want to end up doing SuperMAN in the current !

HMHS Britannic propeller -108m

Now my practice has evolved into tek dives because what I’m looking for is to try to bring back images that people can’t bring back with the necessary commitment to achieve them. 3-digit depth and caver diving in Rebreather are holidays and weekend pursuits.

Leopoldville wreck
HMHS Britannic, The bow -118m
Ressel Cave in France, Lot